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Saudi bus crash kills 35 foreigners in holy city of Medina

A bus crash in the Saudi city of Medina has killed 35 foreigners and wounded four others, a police spokesman cited by the state-run Saudi Press Agency said. Ebay wants insurers and garages to offer drivers car repairs using recycled components. The concept of using recycled car parts for repairs might sound foreign, but it's fairly common in countries like France, Australia, New Zealand and the US. Baby sloths saved from infection by with 'onesie' bandage treatment YouTube video. The twin sloths may look cute in the alternative outfits but actually it is a way of ridding their tiny bodies of the parasitic mites. Brexit, Swiss Elections, Russia Your Monday Briefing. Heres what you need to know. Robert Marshall-Andrews and his daughter Laura. A report with the heading Former Labour MPs daughter held by Italian police for being drunk told officers she was the daughter of Cabinet minister incorrectly identified Kathryn Emily Andrews as the daughter of former Labour MP Robert Marshall-Andrews. In fact, neither Mr Marshall-Andrews nor his daughter Laura were in any way connected to the incident. We apologise to them for the misunderstanding and any embarrassment caused. Conservative commentator Candace Owens lashes out at Meghan Markle. Candace Owens, who is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, took to social media on Monday to criticize Meghan Markle, as well as her husband Prince Harry, to her 1.7 million followers. Son of 'El Chapo' was caught during a massive shootout. Mexican officials say they released him to save lives. A bloody, prolonged shootout between Mexican security forces and suspected cartel members in Sinaloa state this week was an intentional and ultimately abandoned attempt to capture a son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman for extradition to the United States, Mexican officials now say. Greener Grass Review Life Is (Not) Beautiful. Burying itself in weirdness and absurdity, this oddball movie follows two soccer moms through a surreally competitive suburban hell. Giuliani associates accused of funneling money to pro-Trump group expected in New York court. Two foreign-born Florida businessmen who helped President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani investigate political rival Joe Biden are expected to make their first New York court appearance on Wednesday to face charges of illegally funneling money to a pro-Trump election committee and other politicians. Canadian transgender cyclist accuses the woman she beat of 'poor sportsmanship'. Rachel McKinnon, 37, has accused her fellow competitor, US cyclist Dawn Orwick, of refusing to touch her on the winners' podium - 'signifying something like poor sportsmanship'. Wall Street rises on trade deal hopes. U.S. stocks rose Thursday on hopes that top-level U.S.-China trade talks would yield at least a partial deal. As Fred Katayama reports, a rise in Apple's shares also boosted the market. Cruise Line Bars Woman Who Climbed on Balcony Railing for Selfie. The episode is emblematic of the selfie culture in which some people have died trying to get the ultimate photo. Alec Baldwin is hustled out of hundreds of dollars in infamous Statue of Liberty tour scam. Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin and his family were tricked into buying bogus Statue of Liberty tour tickets on Sunday. buy cheap namenda posted a photo of the phony passes on Instagram. That New Alzheimers Drug? Dont Get Your Hopes Up Yet. After declaring aducanumab a failure, the manufacturer now says the drug may help slow cognitive decline in certain patients. Some experts are skeptical. How green is your bond? EU battle lines drawn on investment rules. where can i buy progynon online over whether oil, coal and nuclear fuel can classify as "green" is expected to begin on Wednesday when EU states and lawmakers begin talks on sustainable investmen

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